Christmas tree with lights


“what a magical time christmas is to young children.”

10 December 2018

Christmas can be difficult for fostered young people – what do you do in your home to help children and young people cope with/enjoy Christmas?

We like to make Christmas calm and relaxed; we have our own traditions but also include the young people by adding new ones.

We plan fun activities but there is no pressure and they can join in as little or as much as they want.

We always make sure they know what the plans are and who they will be meeting and get to meet them first if possible as the unknown can be very scary. – Mel, Gloucestershire foster carer

What is your favourite Christmas memory while fostering?

My favourite memory is when our young person first went to see Father Christmas there were so many things going on and she seemed to enjoy it so much. I had not realised until then what a magical time Christmas is to young children. – AJ, Gloucestershire foster carer

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