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We transferred and we’ve never looked back

21 September 2016

Photo of Myra“We were with our previous fostering agency for six years and had been quite unhappy with the lack of support we were receiving, the numerous staff changes and ongoing unresolved issues.”

Staff changes and worry

“We had about fourteen supervising social workers during the six years, which resulted in lots of miscommunication between ourselves and the agency. We were left to deal with police interviews and a court case by ourselves as a result of a young person that was placed with us was abusing another young person, it was an extremely worrying time for our family made worse with no support from the agency due to staff shortages.”

“We even considered resigning from fostering completely as the situation was really getting us down.”

Transferring to Nexus Fostering

“Initially, we were unaware that we could even change to another agency, but luckily we heard about Nexus Fostering through a social worker, so we contacted them. Sandra came out to talk to us and told us all about the agency. She listened to our concerns about the agency we worked for.  There was no pressure placed on us to join and we were advised to consider all our options, and also what we would need to do if we wished to transfer to Nexus.”

“We knew it was the right move for us, so we resigned from our previous agency and got the ball rolling to join the Nexus Fostering team.  Luckily our placement with the previous agency had ended so we could start afresh but it would have been possible to transfer the children across.”

Transferring to Nexus Fostering took almost a year by the time we completed the form F and for all the references and checks were completed, slightly longer than we anticipated, but finally we went to panel where we were approved as carers for Nexus. Within days we were being offered placements, and we accepted our first placement two months after being approved and haven’t looked back since!”

Consistency, reassurance, praise and support

“There have been very few staff changes, which in itself tells us that people are happy working for Nexus Fostering.”

It has been a completely different experience for us from our previous agency. We now have consistency, reassurance, lots of praise and support.  We have guidance when required and we are made to feel that we are important, too.  Any issues are dealt with promptly and resolved.

The staff & management are fantastic and all approachable, which with my previous agency we could never even speak to management.”

“We have recommended Nexus to quite a few friends and shall continue to do so.”







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