Transferring to Nexus Fostering – Claire

22 December 2017

“I worked for another fostering organisation, then transferred to Nexus Fostering and the difference is huge!

You get such good support and help from them; they’re always at the end of the phone 24 hours to help out or give advice, or just for a chat.

We have support groups and loads of activities for carers and the foster/birth children throughout the year, so if you can’t talk to the office you have lots of other foster carers who become your friends and support.

One thing I really like is how your foster children become friends with other foster children, and realise they aren’t the only ones in care. Nexus Fostering has a support network for everyone, and that’s really important.”

If you are a current foster carer and would like to find out more information about transferring to us, come along to one of our drop in events or call us on 0800 389 0143 for a no obligation conversation. 

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