Tick the Box!

6 September 2018

The Fostering Network have launched their Tick the Box campaign.

The campaign aims to give care experienced young people access to the support they are entitled to at University.

With this support, which most universities already have in place, is often not clear to young people heading into further education but could improve their chances of a positive outcome from university.

The main action the campaign wants to ensure is happening is that young people applying for university are ticking the box to confirm they are care experienced on their UCAS form (the system used nationally to apply to university).

They describe the difference ticking the box could make: “The support on offer will vary from university to university, and can range from additional financial support, in the form of a bursary, to practical support to help care leavers settle into university, find accommodation or manage finances.

“Some universities will take care-experience into account when making an offer. This is called a contextualised or adjusted offer, and is often a grade or two lower than a standard offer. Each university has a different applications process, which they will explain on their website.”

The Fostering Network are asking people to write to their local schools and colleges to make them aware how important this is for ensuring care experienced young people access the right support.

 They have provided a template email and some tips here: http://bit.ly/2NPavUw

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