Things to do in Norwich this Easter Holidays

24 March 2016

Norwich, the county town of Norfolk, is steeped rich in medieval history. Along with its thriving markets and magnificent architecture, you’ll find an array of excellent activities for your foster children. Whether they’re sporty or creative, or if you want something more educational, there’s something for everyone in this East Anglian City. Read on for some of our top things to do this Easter….

Ask people what they think of when you say Norwich, and they’ll say the Normans and medieval buildings. And they wouldn’t be wrong! With an impressive cathedral, castle, and a rich array of ancient buildings, walking around this remarkable city is a fantastic look back in history. Tour company Curious About Norwich offer walks that take in all of the most famous sites of the city including the Royal Arcade, the quaint Elm Hill (a location for many TV shows) and all of the unique, bustling, outdoor markets. If you want to combine beauty and history with some fresh air – get yourselves on one of these educational walking tours.

Norwich Castle is a highlight on any tour of the city, and it won’t disappoint the children if you visit there. Originally a Norman Royal Palace, it was built 900 years ago, and has housed many kings and queens throughout history. You’ll learn all about Norman Palace life in a series of videos on display around the castle, and you’ll also find out about Queen Boudica, the East Anglian Queen of the British Celtic Iceni Tribe, who led a bloody uprising against the Roman Empire. And if that wasn’t cool enough, in the 1300’s the castle was then used as a prison, and served as a jail for over 500 years!

If you’re after something a little more creative, then why not get yourselves down to the Norwich Puppet Theatre? Set in a beautiful converted medieval church, you’ll learn all about the theatre, and especially about the special art form – puppetry. With shows, activities and workshops available, why not enrol the children in your care on a beginners course, or book tickets to one of their brilliant performances like Rumpelstiltskin and Thumbelina. You can find more information here.

For those wanting to get out and about to enjoy some exercise, why not visit Eaton Park? This beautiful historic park is spread out over 80 acres, and has some fantastic activities for you and the children to do. With crazy golf, a skate park, boating pond and bowling, there’s also playing fields where you can partake in a friendly game of rounders, football or frisbee, and there’s even a playground for the littles ones. The park also has a beautiful lily pond and rose gardens, and is an important home for some wonderful wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for woodpeckers, gold finches, butterflies and dragonflies, just a few of the amazing animals found here.

Or, if you want an activity a little more relaxing, why not spend a couple of hours discovering the Plantation Garden? Situated close to the city centre, this Grade II English Heritage Garden, has 3 acres full of amazing flowers and plants. A gothic fountain, Italianate terrace, rustic bridge and a medieval wall, are just a few of the brilliant features you’ll see as you explore these gardens. There are also lots of events on throughout the year, including fairs, treasure trails and shows, so for more information about the Gardens please click here.

So as you can see, Norwich has tonnes of brilliant activities for your family, and is a fantastic place to bring up your foster children. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a foster carer in Norwich contact us on 0800 389 0143 or enquire here.

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