The sport I like

2 October 2017

The sport I like doing is football because it means that I can take all my anger out on the ball if I have to. Also, the reason why it’s a good sport is because you can make friends whilst playing and you can have a kickabout with your friends. 

You don’t have to be a certain age to play football, so you can be one day old but still kick a ball. 

The reason I like it so much is because you can play for a team and become good mates and talk about what team they support and fixtures that they played against other teams.

It’s also really funny because sometimes managers have arguments or there could be players that get humiliated by getting skilled up. You can also have a conversation about what players you think would make a dream team and who your team should buy. 

The team I support is Manchester United because they are a good team and also have good players, but they are 5th in the Premier League and might be able to come 3rd if they win their last couple of games. 

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