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the children and young people now award

30 November 2020

We’re proud to announce that Nexus Fostering has been shortlisted for the ‘Children in Care Award’ for the Children and Young People Now Awards 2020!

Children & Young People Now describe the Awards as ‘the gold standard for everyone working with children, young people and families. Now in their fourteenth year, these awards provide a great source of pride and recognition for all those who strive day in, day out, to improve the lives of others. They offer an opportunity to raise the profile of projects and initiatives to funders and the general public’.

The question on the entry form was:

‘Why do you think your work /project stands out and merits a CYP Now Award?’

and this was our answer…

The Nexus 360 service offers a wider team of professionals around the child and Foster Carers, which means that children are able to successfully live in a family and achieve positive outcomes. Without this level of support, children are likely to experience multiple failed foster placements or live in residential homes where they risk being institutionalised. We are committed to the founding principle of the service which is that every child can benefit from living in a safe, loving and supported family environment. Support is the key factor. This is what we do, with excellence.

Just see for yourself… here’s what Rachael, Nexus Foster Carer from the North Midlands Team said to support this:

“My foster daughter continues to amaze me and make me proud every single day, and it just goes to show that stability, nurture, love and support can go a long way to helping someone change their perspective on life. I view fostering as being like a harbour, you can’t stop the storm but you can offer shelter from it and provide a safe place while the storm passes. Enabling the young person to make decisions about how they want their journey to progress. Nexus and their carers are like the harbour walls, they are built on firm foundations and values which provide protection from the worst of the storm.”

Wish us luck!




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