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Foster a Child in Uxbridge

At Nexus Fostering, we are always on the lookout for new foster carers in the Uxbridge, Hillingdon and West London area. We often come across people who are interested in becoming a foster carer but are confused about how to get started.

The Fostering Process

  • Firstly, make contact with us for an initial chat where we will ask some basic questions and can give you more information.
  • You will then have a telephone discussion with a social worker to establish whether you have the minimum requirements to become a foster carer, such as a spare bedroom and availability 24/7 for the foster child.
  • Next is the home visit where one of our social workers will visit you and learn more about why you want to foster and whether you have the personal qualities of a foster carer.
  • The social worker will then write a report on the home visit, highlighting your appropriate experience or skills which will be used to decide if you would be an appropriate foster carer.
  • If you pass the report stage, you will be invited to join our next ‘Skills to Foster’ training course. This is where you will learn more in depth detail about fostering and meet others in the industry.
  • On completion of the course, we will then start your Form F competency-based assessment which comprises of around 8-12 home visits where your assessor will evaluate whether you are using the skills you learnt in your training course or not.
  • Next you will be invited to the Fostering Panel where you will put your case for becoming a carer forward and the panel will decide whether to recommend you or not.
  • Finally, you will need formal approval from the agency decision maker. If you pass this, then you are ready to start fostering!

The process is thorough, but it needs to be to ensure the right people are looking after the vulnerable children in our care. If you are serious about becoming a foster carer, the process is well worth it and you will find it a valuable experience. If you're feeling a bit unsure about fostering in Uxbridge and what's on offer in the local area, take a look here and visit netmums for free information on what's going on for parents and children. You can also find plenty of fun activitis in Uxbridge here or visit Love Uxbridge for the latest local news, events and more.

What can you expect from a career in fostering?

A career in fostering is not only emotionally rewarding but it is also a career move which will help you work on your own skills. Our carers benefit from all of the following:

However, most of our foster carers will tell you that the most rewarding element of a career in foster care is the experiences involved. Imagine you are two months into your first placement and your foster child, 9 year old Janine, is having trouble making new friends. You feel sad to see her struggling with the other children socially but she really enjoys her time with you. Then a few weeks later you go to your first Nexus Fostering social event. You watch as Janine starts making friends with the other children. You realise that she was only having trouble because she felt different to other children at her school, but now she has met other children like her she is thriving socially! By the end of the event she has 5 new friends and so do you as you bond with the other carers. These are the experiences which will last you’re a lifetime.

So what next?

If you feel you have the skills, qualities and drive needed to become a foster carer, you can get in touch with us today using the form below and you will already be on step one on your journey to becoming a foster carer. If you still feel you need more information, feel free to contact us. You can also find information on the site on becoming a foster carer, the fostering allowance, our training and support offered and case studies from our existing carers as well as much, much more. Our team in Uxbridge (below) are always here to help.


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