Spotlight on: Pete Norman

23 March 2018

We thought it was time we introduced some more of our amazing staff, so meet our Recruitment Manager, Pete.

I have been working for Nexus Fostering for just over a year. During the previous 12 years, before working with Nexus, I had a number of roles within recruitment at Npower, NFA, and Hays.

My current role involves me implementing and managing the process of recruiting new foster carers across the agency. This involves working closely with marketing, core services, and local social work teams to achieve positive results. It’s a joy to work with such professional and dedicated colleagues.

The area I enjoy the most about my role is the impact recruiting quality carers can have on the lives of young people. It can literally be life changing, and to see so many positive outcomes from the hard work we put in to recruit the right carers is so rewarding.


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