Spotlight on: Jill Leach

22 May 2018

“I joined Nexus Fostering in 2010 as a Team Administrator. I applied for this role as I wanted to play a part in helping others and working supporting the team was a good way to do it.

It makes everything worthwhile, even when some of the challenges have been difficult ones, when you hear of a successful outcome for a child, with the combined support of Nexus Fostering and more importantly the Foster Carer.

It takes a special person to be a great foster parent; someone who realizes that the child he or she is receiving isn’t perfect and probably is carrying a lot of heavy emotional baggage and bad habits, but that kind of understanding and acceptance are essential if foster parents truly hope to bring any sense of normalcy to the child living with them in their home.

If I had to sum up my role with Nexus Fostering in 3 words I would choose rewarding, caring and enjoyable.”


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