Spotlight on: Heidi

23 March 2018

Caring for a child in care with global development delay has not been easy. As a new carer I struggled with restrictions on me, but I make the most of my spare time and you do adjust. 

Challenges I have faced with my young person was trust issues combined with grieving for a parent, which lead to screaming, throwing things, and running off.

Basically, the young person is rebelling doing everything you don’t really want them doing them testing your commitment on a regular basis which can be exhausting but when the trust is built the easier things become. You know when you’re making a positive impact when your person starts to learn at school at school and at home.

One key thing is laugh and make it fun, from not knowing numbers and letters then being able to count and read was when I knew progress was happening.

I am proud of my young person and myself for what we have come from and where we are at right now.

In the past sometimes I have felt alone, me and the young person have to work it out for ourselves and we normally do, but when things get out of control I would have the Nexus Fostering out of hours number who are available 24/7 which in my first year was a very valuable number to me along with some guidance from my helpful social worker and other professional and key workers.

We still have a long way to go and I myself am still learning four years later. Taking one day at a time helps and others are about to help on advice, like other foster carers.

If you could provide a stable loving home to a child, why not call us on 0800 389 0143 to find out more. 

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