Spotlight on: fostering siblings by AJ and Jayne

22 February 2018

We are AJ and Jayne, and we have been fostering for nearly 5 years.

We had no significant childcare experience in a professional capacity, but Jayne did help a lot in the bringing up of her three nephews and one niece; we don’t have any birth children.

We fostered a boy of 12 and girl of 5, who were brother and sister. The boy stayed for four years and then returned to live with his mother.

The children provided support to each other and we feel that it helped them to cope with the anxiety of coming into care, and enabled them to continue their strong loving bond.

We found that we had to focus our time, enthusiasm, and energy to meet the needs of both the children. A lot of the time in the first part of the placement we did most things out of the house together e.g. going to watch D play football.

D very quickly realised that he could trust us to make sure A was safe and her needs were being met. We have found that being part of the Nexus family has enabled us to overcome difficult and challenging situations and, through connections we have made, allowed us to hear what other carers have done to overcome similar problems.

Fostering, for us, has been an amazingly rewarding journey that we know was able to help the lives of the children for the better and led to very good outcomes.

We are so pleased that we have been able to help the children to reach their potential and be happy.

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