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Spotlight on: Fostering babies

9 March 2018

We have been approved as foster carers since November 2013. We have two grown up children who no longer live at home. In total we have fostered 5 children under the age of 1 years and 4 children aged between 3-7 years.

We have found caring for the small babies an amazing experience. We have enjoyed it because it is rewarding so see them grow up to be healthy and happy, and they can go everywhere with you!

When we were first approved we originally said a primary school age child would be better suited to our family, however we received a call about having a 6-week-old baby and we went ahead. We feel that we took to it like ducks to water!

Our current placement we have had since he was just 5 days old. He was initially presenting with signs of drug withdrawal as he could be jittery, but this eased over time.

We are currently supporting contact 4 times per week and this works well. Initially it was daunting meeting the birth parents but now it is a relief now, because if we accidentally bump into each other we know each other. Each time we support contact there is a communication book that we exchange, and it is a positive means of communication.

We have had a range of experiences moving children on from our care. The first baby that we fostered went back to the care of her mum and dad. The second one went on to be adopted. This was an amazing experience, we keep in touch with her even now and occasionally we get to see her.

The fourth one that we fostered went to a mother and baby residential unit, and our current placement is in care proceedings.

Each and every one of these experiences left us with a surreal feeling when the children left our care. We felt happy because they were moving on (and some were being placed back within their family) but also sad too as it left such an impact upon us and our family.

We have only ever worked with Nexus Fostering, but we feel it works well. It’s a big help if you have a friendly Supporting Social Worker as you need to know they are there for you to talk to and will be able to answer any questions.

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