Spotlight on: Debs and Ivan

15 August 2018

Katherine, a Supervising Social Worker in our South West team has shared her thoughts on a couple who cared for Parent and Child placements during their time with us.

“Our carers Debs and Ivan have had many P&C placements over the years.

No two have been the same – each with their interesting avenues and challenges. These placements are intense due to the 24/7 nature of the observations, however, with some placements, this intensity becomes less where the parent/s are doing well and are granted greater ‘unsupervised’ hours by the Local Authority – enabling the carers to take a bit of a break. 

Observing one of these placements as their SSW, I can say that the challenges were hard at times e.g. when the parent didn’t follow good advice; didn’t give the children what they needed; or appeared to be giving up hope.

However, on this occasion, it was also rewarding – seeing the parent shift to a positive place over time in understanding their children’s emotional needs, and really getting to grips with how to love them wholly, and eventually being able to remain a parent.”

Debs and Ivan have now retired, but still join us to help train new foster carers and share their experiences.

Do you think you could follow their path and become a foster carer? Get in touch today.

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