Spotlight on: caring with a disability

3 April 2018

One of our Foster Carers from our North Midlands office shared with us their fostering story with a disability of their own.

“I was diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis 16 years ago. As a result, I have limited movement and walk with a walking stick to assist me; for longer journeys I have a scooter.

Despite experiencing limited movement, I have not let this effect my everyday life. I have worked with children of all ages since the age of 16, I had a large family then one by one they flew the nest. A family friend suggested fostering so we looked into it.

We joined Nexus expecting one child and along came three! My partner gave up his job due to the fact that foster caring became a full-time job itself with three children and their individual needs. We have experienced challenges along the way, but we have dealt with this by working together as a family team.

I think when you have a disability you adapt, and the children adapt, so we all work together so everyone’s needs are met. 

However, my disability is mainly mobility based, so my partner and older birth children take over the physical side of the children’s needs. The children like me there, so I try my hardest to be there with them.

I still undertake day to day tasks such as cooking, washing, and cleaning. The young boy who we foster has ADHD which can at times be challenging, however I have the support of my husband and two daughters. We work as part of a team and they will help me with tasks that prove to be difficult.   

I attend all relevant meeting which concern the children and get on with my daily life as normal as I can. Personally, I don’t think a disability should put people off fostering as it’s all about else you have to give to the children.”

If you think you have plenty to offer a local child, call our enquiries line on 0800 389 0143. 

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