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sons and daughters month 2019

4 October 2019

October is Sons and Daughters Month; a time to acknowledge the important role our foster carers’ own children play in the fostering journey.


what can sons and daughters offer to young people in care?

Sons and daughters of foster carers can make a vital contribution to foster care. They play an essential role in welcoming looked after children into their families, from their first day, to settling into every-day family life. They can help support fostered children in different ways to foster carers, by offering siblingship and being a positive influence that could improve the success of a fostering placement.


how can sons and daughters benefit from being part of a fostering household?

Being part of a fostering family as a birth child can be a positive and enriching experience. Although it can be strange at first, seeing life from another child’s perspective with different life experiences, gives the opportunity for birth children to learn, develop and grow as a compassionate and worldly individual. Being part of the fostering journey also allows them to become involved in changing another child’s life for the better, giving them an enriching life experience.


how do we support sons and daughters?

At Nexus Fostering, we recognise the importance of our foster carers own children and regularly hold sons and daughters groups throughout the year. These groups give recognition to all the hard work they do and give them a chance to let us know how they feel. They have the opportunity to share their experiences, thoughts and achievements in a safe and confidential environment.



competition time!

And as part of Sons and Daughters Month, Nexus Fostering is running a competition for children and young people in fostering households. We would like them to share what they have learned as a result of their own fostering experiences. You can send in a written piece, photograph or a piece of art. There are three different age categories: 0–8, 9–13 and 14+, with the winner in each category, receiving a £25 voucher.

Give your young person’s entry to your family’s Supervising Social Worker by November the 8th to be in with a chance of winning!


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