Sara’s Story

22 December 2017

“Fostering teenagers is not all drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, bad language, and Police as the television might have you believe. 

We have had several teenager placements from different nationalities, and mixed heritage all of which have been positive.

Yes, the young persons had their own individual issues, who doesn’t? More importantly each had their own individual personalities and behaviours.

Communication has been the key for us, together with being non-judgemental and offering the young person choices and explaining the consequences of each choice.

We have seen the young person develop and improve their skill sets with this strategy and this has been immensely rewarding for us and has made a positive impact on the young person’s life.

Importantly, the matching process played by Nexus Fostering goes a long way to ensure that the placement will be beneficial and rewarding for both the carer(s) and the young person.

We have fostered both younger children and teenagers, and we would say that each placement has its own individual challenges and rewards.

Don’t knock it until you try it!”

Sara Mangera, Foster Carer


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