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we sent a fostering professional to see Instant Family… here are her thoughts

6 February 2019

Our Birmingham based Assistant Director Sandra saw the new release Instant Family and shared her thoughts with us.

“I went to see Instant Family with some trepidation. An American film about adoption?

I thought it might be too cheesy, but I was pleasantly surprised. Even allowing for the different [social services] set up in America, some issues were similar. For example, children moving [to foster care] with their clothes in bin bags; this is a common site for us in fostering.

The film was funny, poignant, and positive. I recommend Instant Family as a ‘must see’ for carers, potential carers, and staff alike.”

The film’s reviews give a similar message that the film is a fun, entertaining insight into fostering for everyone. Any who knows, once you’ve seen it you might even want to give us a call!

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