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our lgbt+ foster carers encourage others to change young people’s lives!

25 June 2020

With Pride Month upon us, Nexus Fostering carers Kim Gray and Nicola Brown, are encouraging others to think about fostering. The couple who have been fostering for two and a half years discuss their journey:

“We have both wanted to foster for a long time, I [Kim] worked in education for 20 years and wanted to feel that I could really make a difference in a child’s life

“We have had our little fella for two and a half years and is now permanent. He is our only placement, although we have done a two-week respite for 4 siblings too.

“Nexus [Fostering] have been brilliant, I don’t think they have treated us any different from any other couple, they are always helpful and professional.”

As an inclusive agency, we are members of New Family Social who promote the care and upbringing of children by LGBT+ Foster Carers and do not rule anyone of for fostering for their sexual orientation or gender identity. Here’s what a spokesperson for our agency had to say:

“Despite improvements in equality and inclusivity, there are still many misconceptions around fostering and who can foster. Many members of the LGBT+ community are either not aware that they are eligible to foster or are reluctant to start their foster family, due to societal judgment.”

“Your experiences as a gay, lesbian, bi or trans person are unique; your resilience and strength are invaluable traits that could make you a very desirable candidate.

“We will always be there, providing support throughout your journey, equipping foster carers with all the necessary tools to succeed, through extensive training and support.”


Foster Carers Kim and Nicola said that they would encourage those thinking about fostering to go for it:

“I would totally encourage them, it is a fantastic choice to make in life and there is no reason why you shouldn’t its hard work but so rewarding and that I know lots of same-sex couples that foster really successfully and have great relationships with the children they support.”

If you are considering fostering and would like more information, call us on 0800 389 0143!

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