Our fostering story – Raj and Charan

13 February 2018

Having been a childminder for about 15 years, it was a very natural decision to want to foster.

Fostering in the Patel household is very much a family affair, we didn’t anticipate the positive changes & joy it would bring to our own lives. It has brought out the best in us as carers & deepened our understanding & patience.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive impact on our birth children as they, over the years, have shown great empathy & kindness to all children that have been in our care, sharing their home & parents.

Both our birth children are fantastic role models for our foster children & all the children look up to them.

It has been so rewarding to see how we as a family have helped to shape young lives & it’s such a great feeling that we have made that difference that we set out to make when we took on the role of fostering.

We are certainly not perfect, & we learn from our mistakes, but every day we strive to do the very best for the children placed in our trust.

Having encountered children from all sorts of different backgrounds over the years, it has given us a wider perspective in life, and we are dedicated & committed to the children in our care.

In previous years, we have had to end placements for a variety of reasons, but on balance fostering has been a very positive experience for the whole family.

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