Our fostering journey – Jaquiline and Wain

8 January 2018

We call it a journey, because that’s what it is.

For children coming into care it starts from a cold and dark place. It can be long or short, with lots of ups and downs, but if you keep going you will reach the end of your destination. Reaching this destination when the foster children leave with new life skills, independence, and happiness amongst other things, must be one of the most rewarding jobs around.

Children are very resilient and subconsciously develop survival instincts when growing up in an abusive and hostile environment.

These are looked at with ignorance as bad behaviour, but it is a way of coping and surviving for them. Learning and experiencing these, and knowing how to act, combining all this with unconditional love and care will give you the skills to change peoples lives forever.

The rewards are endless and throughout our journey we have had to occasionally look back to realise them. The daily rewards they express of smiles, love and happiness get taken for granted.

This is where you are changing their lives forever, you are rescuing them from that cold and dark place and welcoming them to somewhere warm, and full of opportunity. The cycle that they grew up around will be broken as they now have good memories and experiences along with the many life skills you have taught them, subconsciously or not, to pass on to further generations.

Occasionally on our journey we will cross paths with people several times. They fill you with pride as they see instantly see how far they’ve come. It helps you maintain your focus and reassure you that you’re travelling in the right direction.

We also embrace the training that is offered, the nurturing and attachment, also the Autism courses are very helpful in making you understand the difficulties these children face and develop the skills to help you deal with them.

We are still on our fostering journey and really enjoying it. The children are thriving, as they get older and with our care, love and security they will develop more independence from greater confidence and self-esteem. This will help them when they eventually leave our care.

We have changed these children’s lives forever.

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