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“Brains of Norwich” comes to Nexus

8 July 2015

A chance meeting to discuss marketing during the recent ‘Foster Care Fortnight’ had a surprising twist for staff and a foster carer at Nexus offices in Norwich.

By chance!

“We were chatting about fostering with the people Norwich 99.9fm and they invited us to take part in the daily quiz ‘Brains of Norwich’ on the Geoff Hillyar show!” explains Steve, Area Manager.

“It was all quite short notice so we didn’t have time to get anxious and anyway, we’re a hard working bunch, so our preparation amounted to listening to the quiz one lunchtime. We only scored 3 out of 10 so we didn’t have too high hopes!”

The Beatles questions

The team, was a mix of staff and a foster carer, Ian “We had a foster carer support group meeting in the office when the invitation came through so we asked the foster carers if they would like to take part. Some ran a mile, but luckily, Ian agreed and his knowledge of the Beatles helped us challenge one of the answers to gave us an additional point!”

Pitted against the clock

Huddled around Steve’s mobile phone on loudspeaker in the Nexus offices, the team of social workers Wendy N and Andrew, Ian the foster carer, Steve, Wendy H from the admin team and Sue (who took on the role of official photographer for us!), were pitted against the clock to answer a wide range of general knowledge questions. “Due to the set up, we didn’t hear one or two of the questions properly, so we gave dodgy answers!” explains Steve. “It was and exciting and stressful experience and now we have a great deal of sympathy when thinking about people on television quiz shows answering questions for thousands of pounds. I guess we would do it again; not to win but to beat our current score! The one thing we have learnt is that we’re a good team together and that we are better at social work and fostering than we are at general knowledge quizzes!”

Tune in to hear how we did!

You can find out how the team fared as ‘Brains of Norwich’ on the Geoff Hillyar Show, broadcast from 10am on Monday 13th July. The quiz is broadcast from 12.30 pm so don’t forget to tune in!

Team members for the 'Brains of Norwich'l

Our ‘Brains of Norwich’, left to right are Ian (foster carer), Wendy N (social worker), Andrew (social worker), Steve (area manager), Wendy H (administrator) and Sue (our official photographer!).


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