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National Citizenship Service – My experience

10 October 2017

My experience of the National Citizenship Service was great. Exam stress and other problems never for rid of the excited feeling of being able to let off steam, meet new people, and just be myself.

The first week was outdoor and team building activities and we slept and camped out in tents.


When you hear tents or camping you instantly think of nature. However, sleeping in a tent, for me, with two other people was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

The day after we arrived we did trapeze jumping. It was a scary experience but being their on the top of the beam made you feel like you could accomplish anything and I could. I reached for the beam and grabbed it. However, the only think you can hear is your friends cheering because we are all in the same position.

On the Wednesday of the first week was my birthday, I had to make go karts and all we got was rope, wood and barrels. Sadly we didn’t win.

The best part for me on the first week was the 12-mile hike. When we first found out we had to hike we all grumbled and moaned but the experience was great. Having all your friends and music blaring through speakers made you want to stay in that exact place forever. For me, this really made me feel happy.

The second week was at the Staffordshire University. We learnt new life skills and had a whole experience of uni life, including eating Supernoodles and staying up ‘til early hours in the morning, learning and understanding cultural problems, and sitting in first aid lectures.

During NCS I made friendships with people who I would’ve shyed away from if I was still at school. Having those friends who were like me made my personality expand more because I could finally be myself around new people without putting on a personality that wasn’t mine.

I was happy with myself for the first time. Going on NCS made me realise I would love to be a team leader on NCS to give other people the experience I had.

Overall my highlight was meeting Jermain Jackman, the winner of The Voice 2014 because he ‘got’ me and my dreams for the future.



Nexus Fostering is committed to each child in our care and we encourage them to take part in enriching activities. If you think a young person in your care could benefit from NSC, you can find more information here: http://www.ncsyes.co.uk or, if you think you could help a vulnerable young person to flourish, contact Nexus Fostering today on 0800 389 0143


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