My fostering experience – Jessica

22 December 2017

Jessica is one of our foster carers in the Midlands team. We asked her to tell us a little bit about her time in fostering and her current placement.

I am Jessica and I’ve been a single foster carer for 6 years. During this time, I have fostered eleven children, ranging from newborn babies and toddlers, to young children. My current eldest is 10yrs old.

These placements varied from individual children to sibling groups, and each one ended with them either being returned to their birth parents/family members, or going on to be adopted.

Although I have no previous experience in childcare, I believe there is no better learning curve than parenting your own child. My 19yr old son has been with me every step of the way and adapted extremely well in sharing his home and teenage years with foster children.

Before fostering, I worked in an office and although I enjoyed my job, every day was no different from the next. I knew I needed to find a job, which was far more challenging and rewarding.

For a short while I continued with my employment, however, it soon became apparent, that as a single carer I needed to devote my time tolooking after the children in my care.

In terms of my current placement, I currently foster two brothers. They are part of a sibling group of five but were placed separately for various reasons.

The boys were placed with me as an emergency placement due to living in a risky environment and unfortunately being subjected to physical abuse.

The placement hasn’t been without its challenges, as the boys are often challenging, but this is only mirroring how their father treated them at home. With the help of the school, counselling sessions, and ongoing training I receive from Nexus Fostering, Hayden*, the eldest, is now able to try harder to control his anger.

He has learnt how to be a great swimmer, he is excelling in all subjects at school and we have recently applied for him to take a grammar school entry test. 

Despite everything the younger brother Harrison* has been through, he is such an good-natured boy. He loves to sing, read, play football, always wants to please people, and is also doing well in school.

Although there have been many ups and downs I have had the opportunity to see the boys grow and progress every day.

It really warms your heart when people say to you “look how happy and confident they are” and you feel proud that you have had some input into the smiles on their faces and the experiences they are having. 


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