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Modest acts of human kindness

24 May 2016

Child refugeeIn November 2016, our colleagues, Sue and Wendy travelled over to the pretty Greek island of Lesvos to help with the many refugees who were risking their lives to reach the safety of Europe.  Wendy and Sue’s input didn’t end when they arrived back in the UK.  Wendy takes up the story: 

“Following our visit to Lesvos, volunteering for the refugee crisis, we continue to raise awareness for the plight of the flow of people trying to enter Europe and get to safety, as well as those left in camps in war torn parts of the world.” 

“There continue to be many groups and individuals around the UK who provide humanitarian support.  For example, the groups of mums  in our area who have sent emergency bags for children, and are now organising hygiene packs for women in camps in Syria and Lebanon (http://www.bagasmile.moonfruit.com/ ).”

“Until you see the situation for yourself, it’s hard to imagine the desperation of children, some of them very young children, separated from their parents and families, who seek asylum to escape from persecution or abuse.  Some have been exploited and maltreated.  It’s heart breaking to see the fear in their faces.  Offering them a small gift and ensuring they are fed, clothed and cared for is a modest act of human kindness that means the world to them.”

Whether you are a foster carer, someone interested in fostering or someone with a humanitarian heart you may want to find out more, interesting websites include refugeecouncil.org.uk       unhcr.org.uk      refugee-action.org.uk     ecpat.org.uk

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