lockdown – a little ones perspective

20 April 2020

Covid_19 story about L aged 15 months old placed with Foster Carers Laurie and Yvette since he was 3 months’ old.

so what happened?

I’m not quite sure what I have done but this must be the biggest grounding anyone has had to endure. It must be serious as the boss man’s come home and is grounded with us. One week I’m off socialising with my little friends 4 mornings a week, then nothing. It was always great to meet them, run around playing, joining in with the rhymes, singing, signing and playing with toys.

Now no more going to the supermarket for a ride in the shopping trolley, causing havoc trying to grab stuff off the shelves, waving at shoppers and generally being vocal and cheeky. Even trips to the park to go on the swings and see-saw have stopped. My carers family no longer visit, why do they only keep popping up on the phone or TV? Everything is done over the internet thingy now and that is very confusing and frustrating.

My weekly outing for cakes has come to a halt, not even surprise cakes from my favourite bakery. I am only allowed in the garden to play or for a walk on my reins or in the pushchair, we pass the park sometimes and everyone is staying away from me. I hope it isn’t something I have done because I sometimes get very angry and upset when they tell me “NO”, I scream and cry, try to kick the dog and even try to bite and hit my carers.

A good thing is I get to sit on my carers laps more and have super cuddles. They give me little snacks watching TV and the boss man gets to chase me and make me giggle a lot more. He even gives me chocolate buttons sometimes as a treat, (we do clean my teeth after though).

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