lockdown – a carer perspective

20 April 2020

Foster Carers Yvette and Laurie have written up about how lockdown is affecting their lives.


COVID 19. It sounds like a title from some SYFI film, but unfortunately, it’s the reality of our life at present. Not being able to just go for a browse around the shops, no more popping out for coffee and cake. Social life with family and friends has ended abruptly, no more cuddles with the grandchildren, collecting them from school, giving them dinner and taking them off to their various activities and no more family Sunday roasts. Easter and birthday celebrations and family get-togethers are postponed. Face-To-Face support groups and contact with our SSW for supervision reduced to virtual contact only.

Our toddler is suffering not being able to have the social contact needed and the disruption to his normal routine has been challenging for him. It’s our first time fostering this age group and the opportunity to go through the adoption process with a family was something we were looking forward to being part of. Fortunately, we have been able to meet the prospective parents, but the rest of the process will possibly have to be done virtually or by phone. Not at all what we expected, and to be honest it has been very disappointing not to be able to join in the stages of what could be called closure of this particular placement. LACSW visits, the placement planning meeting are virtual. The final LAC Review had to be held over the phone. The introductions are possibly on hold until further notice depending on the risk factor.

It’s very difficult and somewhat frustrating but we just must get on with it and make the best of a bad situation. It makes you appreciate the small things in life and we have had quality time with each other. Despite the inconvenience of all this we are still in good health and have not suffered any tragic losses so are thankful for that.

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