Levi’s special scrambled eggs

2 October 2017


6 free range eggs

Tsp fresh chopped chives

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tbsp of cream

Knob of butter



First, crack the eggs into a bowl.

Make sure there is no shell in the egg mixture.

Next, whisk the eggs lightly then add the salt, pepper and chives to the eggs. Mix through.

Once you have done that, use a non-stick pan and put the butter into it and put the pan on the hob on full heat.

Once you have melted the butter put the egg mix into the pan and keep stirring. The key is to not over-cook the mixture.

People tend to over-cook their scrambled eggs so I suggest that you take the eggs off when they are nearly cooked. They need to look silky and soft.

Once the eggs are ready to come off the heat (not over-cooked), get another (cold) bowl and pour the cream in then put the eggs in.

Mix the eggs and cream together. The cream will stop the mixture from over cooking and give your scrambled eggs a gorgeous creamy taste.

Now the eggs are done you can sit, eat and enjoy!

In my house we like to serve our lovely eggs with smoked salmon and white chocolate horse radish (from ‘Hotel Chocolate’) or creamy hollandaise sauce. We also have lovely ham and mouth-watering Bloody Mary stokes tomato ketchup. Yummy!

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