Just ten of the many good things that have happened in 2016

22 December 2016

From the hundreds of wonderful things that have happened in 2016, here at Nexus Fostering, we’ve chosen a random sample of things to celebrate at this festive time:


Savanah’s elephant

We knew she was a talented artist, but were stunned by the beautiful elephant drawing she did as part of her GCSE course work.  We chatted with Savanah and asked her if she would mind us getting prints and selling them, with all proceeds going to Savanah. Happily, Savanah agreed, our printing company printed them free of charge and even gave us the cardboard tubes to keep them safe in the post!

Our foster carer’s blog

A refreshing, insightful and candid look at fostering from an experienced foster carer’s point of view, covering topics such as coping with seasonal illnesses and how to help a fostered young person cope with Christmas and, perhaps, difficult memories


January saw us celebrating the results of our pre-Christmas Ofsted inspection. Gaining ‘Outstanding’ again was a feather in everyone’s cap and a chance for us all to celebrate together.

New Satellite office in the North Midlands

Providing our foster carers with a local office to provide local support is of high importance to us, so we’re delighted to have opened our new office to serve our carers in the North Midlands.


There aren’t many of us who have the opportunity to make a direct contribution to the plight of people from Syria and other war-torn countries, so we were delighted when our colleagues, Wendy and Sue, were able to travel to Lesvos to meet these desperate people willing to risk their lives for safety. We are so proud of Wendy and Sue as they continue to offer their support.


First-hand experience of being in foster care means the young people of LILAC know exactly what they’re looking for when awarding their valued LILAC awards. Their visit to us in the spring was a very welcome event and we are delighted with the outcome.

Spice up your life

We’re firm friends with Harborne Cookery School so when the opportunity arose for our young people to spend time with author and chef, Anita Sharma, learning how to use spices in their cooking, they were all over it!

A real high point!

Our foster carer, Gaz, nine year old Kyla, eight year old Hayden and five year old Maya took on the challenge of climbing Snowdon and have the photos to prove it. A fantastic achievement for all!

Sons and daughters

Sharing your mum and or dad with a stranger is a hugely selfless thing to do. We celebrated the children of our foster carers, in particular, Lily and Isla.


It’s not just the successes of our children and carers that matter to us, those of our colleagues is also highly important, so when Bhavini gained her NVQ Level 3 in Business Administration and Management, we couldn’t wait to share her good news.


It’s difficult to confine ourselves to just ten successes when there are so many to choose from, but we hope we’ve given you a flavour of what we’ve been up to during 2016.

Lastly, but very importantly, we would like to wish you all a very happy new year and hope that, if you’re not already fostering with us, 2017 is the year you decide to join us changing the lives of children and young people.

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