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8 June 2016

Tesco Community Rooms - Tina and Leanne at Bar Hill CambridgeOur colleague, Tina, brought back more than a sandwich when she popped to her local Tesco store in Cambridge for lunch.

“I was stood in the checkout queue, looking at the various posters on the wall and noticed an advertisement for a ‘Tesco Community Space’, available to hire, free of charge.  Now, we’re always on the look-out for suitable venues to hold our information events, so, after paying for my lunch, I went to the information desk to enquire about it.”

“I was given the name of the person who manages the community room and, after exchanging emails, and ensuring we arranged our own insurance for the time we were using it, we booked it.  So far we have had three sessions there and each has been a great success.  We leave leaflets there for shoppers to pick up as they go past so they know when the next information session is taking place.”

“During one of the sessions, a couple popped in to say they had seen the details of the information event on Facebook and wanted to chat with us.  They seem very interested.  It just goes to show the kindness of Tesco in providing these rooms and the use of social media, means more people get to know about us and, in turn, more vulnerable children and young people will be able to have a safe, secure and nurturing home.  It’s priceless, it really is.”

“We have a number of sessions booked there over the coming months and I have made enquiries with other branches of Tesco to see if they have community rooms for our foster carers to meet informally.  It’s such a brilliant idea to use space in these big stores to benefit customers and it’s a huge help to us as we need to recruit foster carers from all backgrounds for children from all backgrounds.”

 Click here to see if your local Tesco store has a community space or community room for hire.

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