It’s official, we’re Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ again!

11 February 2016

CelebrationsCelebrations are well underway amongst the staff and fostering families in all our regions as we’ve received our second consecutive Ofsted‘ Outstanding’ status.

“No stone was left unturned!”

“Our Ofsted inspection took place late last year and, as it was a full inspection, every aspect of our work came under the spotlight.The inspector talked with staff, foster carers, foster children and the independent members of our approval and review Panel. A selection of our staff, foster carer and foster children’s files were chosen by the inspector, in fact, everything was assessed; no stone was left unturned!” explains Grace Wyatt, our founder and CEO.

“It gave us the valuable opportunity to examine what we do and how we do it. As the inspector looked at our procedures, our policies and our plans for the future, we were able to stand back and take a very objective view, too. It also gave us a great gift as the inspection process involves gaining feedback from our colleagues in the many local authorities with whom we work.”

Praise from local authorities

The inspection report spoke of placing authorities holding the service’s quality of care in high regard. A local authority social worker praised the foster carers, saying “I genuinely could not have wanted better carers for Y and feel sure that Y’s experience of living with M and R will be with him for the rest of his life and will have provided a very positive foundation for Y as he moves into adolescence and adulthood. They are that good.”

“Everyone involved with Nexus is my priority. Our regional teams support and train our foster carers to provide the best possible care for the young people placed with them, so we were delighted to read the inspector’s comments ‘Young people consistently say they feel safe with their families, feel loved and secure’. It was great to read that; we know our foster carers are amazing, but for an inspector to confirm that, well, it’s worth its weight in gold!”

“Grace? She’s everywhere!”

“When we established Nexus, way back in 2002, I was determined to make sure I knew all about our foster carers, their families and foster children. In those early days, with just a modest amount of carers, it was easy to keep track of things. Fourteen years later, with many more amazing foster carers across London, the Midlands, East Anglia and a large part of the Cotswolds, I am just as determined to keep up with everyone but didn’t realise others had noticed it, so the comment from one foster carer ‘Grace? She’s everywhere’, made me smile, but it’s so important to me to know how they are getting along and know I care about them all.” The full Ofsted report is available to read on the Ofsted website: reports.ofsted.gov.uk

Be part of our ‘Outstanding’ team!

If you would like to be part of the supportive and close-knit team of Nexus foster carers, please contact us. Benefits include comprehensive training and support, a generous allowance to ensure you and your foster child are comfortable, regular social events and the opportunity to be part of our ‘Outstanding’ team!


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