Paul corner

Fostering in the South East of England

29 March 2017

Mention that you work in foster care and many people will imagine you look after orphans or children whose parents are in hospital. It’s fair enough that people think that – and those situations do happen – but there’s so much more to it than that and so much more to the children, foster caring households and staff than that.

Local children and those from further afield

“Our team of foster carers and staff in the south east cover a busy region encompassing the whole  of Essex, in particular Romford, Ilford, and Chelmsford, on to Barking, Walthamstow and the surrounding areas” explains Paul Corner. But we aren’t limited to caring for children who come from those areas alone; local authorities throughout the UK get in touch with us to request a foster home for someone in their care. Sometimes, there’s a family link to the area, sometimes it’s due to schooling and sometimes it’s to help a young person access support only available in that area – for instance, a foster carer with particular skills or experience.”

Encouraging children and young people

“But it’s not just a one way street, it’s not all about the carers and staff being proactive, we encourage our children and young people to participate in all aspects of the organisation, from taking the lead in training for people going through the assessment process to become foster carers, to being part of the ‘Youth Council’ that advises our senior management team.”

Food brings everyone together!

“Our support groups and carer activities are well attended and we quickly learnt that food is something that brings everyone together! Similarly, apart from the excellent support provided by our social work team, many of our foster carers have created their own social support group providing each other with extra help at any time.”

Carefree childhoods

“And whilst the aim of foster care is to rehabilitate families and help them to stay together, inevitably, this isn’t always in the interests of the children. Here at Nexus Fostering, we are very proud to say, that due to our careful ‘matching’ of foster carers to the needs of the children, 95% in Nexus Fostering South East have become permanent placements, ensuring they enjoy a carefree childhood in a home where they receive the care, security and support they need.”

Get in touch

If you live in London, Essex, East Anglia, the Midlands or the Cotswolds and feel you could change lives, please get in touch. Our south east team is one of many local offices, providing local support and local training to our teams of foster carers. Go on, get in touch!



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