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Fostering in Peterborough

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The main role of a foster carer is to provide a safe, caring home for the foster child who cannot live with their own birth family. It is the foster carer’s role to encourage healthy growth and development physically, mentally and emotionally. The foster carer becomes an advocate for the child to ensure they are receiving everything they need to help them flourish while also continuing to educate themselves on becoming a better foster carer. Nexus Fostering assist with this by providing in depth training courses for all carers. Foster carers meet regularly with social workers and other professionals who are all working to achieve the most positive outcomes for the child. Foster carers need to make sure the foster child has their own bedroom and should be available to care for them 24/7.

How Nexus Fostering will support you

At Nexus, we do not expect you to take on the challenge of providing foster care alone. We provide an enormous amount of support to our carers who always have positive things to say about us, for example:

"Support from Nexus has been excellent whilst children are in placement. Our link worker is always more than happy to listen, offer advice and support with any issues that have arisen" - Cameron & Hannah

"There have been lots of training days to attend. Also carer support groups have been helpful. Our link worker is a valuable source of information and is always on hand for help and support. It is nice to have 24-hour support if you need it from the duty worker" - Gabby & Xavier

This kind of feedback is testament to the hard work we put in to ensure our carer’s are never alone. We offer all of our carer’s the following benefits and support:

  • Access to a 24/7 support line so you can always contact our experts when you need to, no matter what time it is.
  • A dedicated social worker who will visit you and call you frequently.
  • Extensive training courses to ensure you have the skills necessary to provide the very best care.
  • Opportunities to attend Nexus social events, where you will meet other foster carers and share your experiences.
  • 14 days of paid respite per year.
  • Competitive Allowance

What you can expect from your foster caring career

When you start fostering, you can expect to learn more about the struggles many young people are facing and exactly how you can help change their lives for the better. You can expect a life changing experience and a rewarding career working from home. You can also expect to learn more about yourself than you ever have before.

Take the following scenario for instance. Imagine you have been looking after a teenager called Chris since he was 15. He has just had his 18th birthday and he is leaving your care to venture out into the big wide world by himself. You’ve really enjoyed having Chris with you. Although you have found it difficult to get him to open up to you, you have still managed to build up a lot of fond memories with him. Chris had a difficult background with his parents who abused drugs and you tried your best to show him a better life and just hope that he enjoyed his time with you. Several weeks after Chris has left your care, you find a letter from him in his old clothes drawer. You read the letter from Chris telling you that he had no idea there were people as kind, caring and fun as you in the world. You feel as though you have only done what any normal person would do, but you realise that Chris has a different perception of what normal is. You feel proud of your achievements and confident that you have shown him a better life. These are the kind of feelings a career in foster care can give you.

Get started today!

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