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Fostering in Norwich

Whether you just want more information on fostering in Norwich or you are already providing foster care in Norwich and you would like to transfer agencies, Nexus Fostering are here to help. Norwich is a beautiful city, famous for its art, literature and publishing, making it an ideal environment to bring up foster children and give them a chance to experience a wonderful culture and a brighter future.

From our offices in Wymondham and central Norwich, the Nexus Fostering team support, train and recruit new foster carers throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. You won’t find a friendlier, more qualified team with the amount of local knowledge and experience as our teams in Norwich. Feel free to contact us at any time to find out more about fostering in Norwich. 

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Fostering in Norwich: What to expect

A career in fostering is highly rewarding and offers each individual carer a different incentive. Our carers started their career in fostering because they wanted to help the children and young people of Norwich, teaching them the skills they are going to need to succeed in life. Here is what a few of our carers have to say about their experiences of fostering with us:

"We have 24-hour support if needed. Someone is always on call from Nexus out of office hours. My Social Worker has always been there for us, as a family, at times of crisis. A member of Nexus is always with us at placements, reviews and any significant meetings" - Lee & Andi

"Support has been consistently very good from all members of Staff. Any questions/queries have been answered and dealt with quickly and efficiently, no matter how small or large" – Andrea

"The support has been excellent, forming a working relationship is important to me. It's nice to know I can call them and they listen or advise me accordingly" - Keisha

Besides receiving unparalleled support and training from our team of social workers and carers, you can also expect to receive many other benefits, including all of the following:

  • A competitive fostering allowance
  • 2 weeks of paid respite per year
  • Frequent visits and phone call from your own dedicated social worker
  • Day trips and events where you can meet other foster carers
  • Membership of FosterTalk which includes access to their legal advice line

How to start fostering in Norwich today

If you’ve read through the ‘what to expect’ section and you decide you would like to get your fostering career started today, the first step is to contact us to talk about your eligibility to be a foster carer. There are only two major requirements that we ask of our carers:

  1. You must have a spare bedroom
  2. You must be available for your foster child 24/7

Other than that, we are quite flexible and accept carers of all genders, ages, races and religions with a wide variety of backgrounds. Once you have contacted us and we have established your eligibility, you will then have a telephone discussion with a social worker who will then arrange a home visit with you if appropriate. The home visit will give your social worker a feel for your home environment and they will then write a report on your suitability. Next you will need to attend a ‘Skills To Foster’ training course, followed by your Form F assessment and finally you will sit in front of a fostering panel and answer some questions about why you will be a good foster carer. Once you are through each stage of the assessment, you will then be formally approved as a foster carer. You can find out more information about each stage here.

We are always in need of new carers to foster in Norwich, so if you have read all of this information and you are not only interested but eligible for a career in fostering, please do contact us via the enquiry form below, we look forward to hearing from you!

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