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Fostering In Ilford | Choose Nexus Fostering

If you’re considering fostering in Ilford, you may find that you have quite a few fostering agencies to choose from. At Nexus Fostering, we want you to choose us so we offer the best training, support and incentives available. If you’re looking for a fostering agency that can offer you all of the following, then Nexus Fostering should be your first choice: 

  • Support from a dedicated Social Worker, including regular visits, phone calls and meetings
  • Extensive training sessions to fully equip you with the skills you need
  • Access to a 24/7 support line every day of the year
  • A membership to FosterTalk which gives you access to their legal advice line
  • Financial support with an allowance of £357 - £819 per week
  • 2 weeks respite per year so you can take some time to yourself
  • Activities and events for all your family, including the opportunity to meet other carers
  • A large support team on hand to help you through your fostering journey

 If this sounds like something you are looking for from a fostering agency, then Nexus Fostering is the agency for you. We look after our carers and tend to their individual needs as we know that a happy carer means happy children. We believe that we are the best fostering agency Ilford has to offer and our carers’ opinions of us confirm that: 

“Support from Nexus has been excellent whilst children are in placement. Our link worker is always more than happy to listen, offer advice and support with any issues that have arisen” - Steve & Karen 

"We get the impression that there is a genuine friend behind us willing to support us in every problem" - Mark & Steve 

"There have been lots of training days to attend. Also carer support groups have been helpful. Our link worker is a valuable source of information and is always on hand for help and support. It is nice to have 24-hour support if you need it from the duty worker" - Gabby & Xavier 

We have also been ranked as Outstanding by Ofsted for the care we provide to our foster children and the support we give our carers. You can read our full Ofsted report or just a summary of it here. 

Are you ready to start fostering in Ilford?

By reading this page, you have taken your first step into the world of foster care. If you’re just looking for information on fostering then we have plenty on our website which will hopefully aid you in your decision. If you have decided you want to start fostering, we can guide you on your journey. There are two things you will need in order to start your journey:

  • A spare bedroom
  • Availability to care for your foster child 24/7 

If you have these two things then you are ready to start your journey. You will also want to think about why you want to become a foster carer and whether you have the desired qualities. Do you want to give a young person a better life? Are you fond of children? Are you patient and understanding with a good sense of humour? If so, then it sounds like you have the qualities of a foster carer.

Your first step is to contact us. Just fill out the form below or give us a call on 0800 389 0143 and we will be happy to either explain things further or get your application started, whatever you feel you want to do.


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If you are feeling unsure of what Ilford has to offer a foster carer, there are plenty of online resources when you can find activites to do with your foster child in Ilford. You can find fun kids days out here, or check out the suggestions on the BBC website. We also have a few ideas for fun activities in East London. We have many foster carers in Ilford and they all feel it is a great place to foster.

What to expect when fostering in Ilford

Our carers will all tell you that you can’t really predict what a career in fostering will be like. With so many different personalities and backgrounds, all of our foster children are completely unique which really adds to their charm. Here is an example of the kind of experiences you can expect: 

Imagine your first fostering placement, 10 year old Jacob, has been with you for 6 months now and his birthday is coming up. You feel very excited at the prospect of giving him an amazing birthday so you make all the preparations weeks in advance. You buy balloons, banners, cake and a tonne of presents, including the toy he was so fascinated by in the toy shop a few weeks ago. 

The big day comes, it’s a school day so you get the balloons, banners and presents ready extra early so you can surprise Jacob when he comes downstairs for breakfast. You hear him creep down the stairs and he appears in the kitchen looking bleary eyed and confused. He looks up at you and asks “Is it your birthday?” It’s then that you realise while you had been looking forward to his birthday for weeks, he hadn’t even realised it was his birthday. 

This is the first time his birthday has ever been celebrated like this. When Jacob realises all the presents and decorations are for him he cannot believe it. The look on his face says it all. You feel fantastic that you were able to make him feel like this. 

If this sounds like the kind of experience you want in your life, start your path to fostering in Ilford today. You can get in touch with us now and we will talk you through the next stages. Our nearest office to Ilford is in Upminster, however we have carers all over Ilford so you will never feel alone. If you are already with a fostering agency but want to transfer to Nexus, we make the process very simple for you. Talk to our team about your options today.

There are some lovely places to visit in Ilford so if you're looking for idea's please give this page a visit.