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Fostering in Bicester

When you see the smile on your foster child’s face, you will know why you chose to foster. There are so many children who are in need of a fresh start in life and you can offer them the opportunity to believe in themselves and build on their personality whilst providing a happy and safe home for them to grow up in. Apart from the opportunity to extend your family and do something amazing for another person, fostering also offers the following benefits: 

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We want to share our passion and we want you to experience how fostering can not only change your life but also allow you to have a huge influence on a young person's life.

Could you become a foster carer in Bicester?

Are you based in Bicester and interested in becoming a foster carer? Look no further, Nexus Fostering is looking for foster carers in the area and we believe anyone has the potential to become a foster carer. Fostering is not about your marital status or whether you own your own home, Fostering is about being understanding, caring and offering a stable home environment for a young person.

You don't need to have any specialist qualifications to become a foster carer in Bicester but you do need to enjoy the company of young people and you do need life experience – that's why there is no upper age limit for fostering – if you have the energy and commitment to young people don't let anything get in your way of becoming a foster carer.

Practically speaking to become a foster carer, you will need:

Practical Fostering requirements Foster Care Swindon

Why Foster With Nexus In Bicester?

Nexus Fostering are well known for the outstanding support we provide to our foster carers in Oxfordshire. We have a specialist team based in our Harrow office who provide constant support to our foster carers and do everything they can to help make the carers life easier. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our foster carers have to say:

"Support from Nexus has been excellent whilst children are in placement. Our link worker is always more than happy to listen, offer advice and support with any issues that have arisen" - Cameron & Hannah

"Support has been consistently very good from all members of Staff. Any questions/queries have been answered and dealt with quickly and efficiently, no matter how small or large" - Andrea


What to do next

If you would like to know more information about fostering a young person in Bicester, call us or enquire today and help a young person rebuild their lives.

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Even if you live at a distance from one of our offices please be reassured that our support services are delivered in a flexible and local way through our local activities and meetings. Your nearest Nexus Fostering office in based in London.