Fostering February

1 February 2016

January is not the best of months – we’re all feeling miserable after Christmas, the weather is bleak and most of us have already given up on our New Year’s resolutions.

But fear not, whilst you’ve jumped back on that chocolate eating bandwagon, there’s still a chance for you to complete one of your resolutions this year – to foster a child.

This month is Fostering February, a month to raise awareness for fostering, to explain in more detail what it entails, and to share important facts and figures with the world (about both children in care and foster carers themselves).

For example, did you know there are nearly 70,000 children in care in the UK (Adoption and Fostering Agency, 2016), and the Fostering Network estimate 9,000 more fostering households will be urgently needed during 2016.

Fostering is challenging, yet very rewarding. It is very different to adopting as fostering is a temporary arrangement.

Although some placements are classed as long term, the final goal with most is that the young person returns to their birth home.

Here at Nexus we recruit, train and support our own team of foster carers. You can expect regular free training, 24 hour support, an allowance from £357 to £819 per week, a fortnight’s paid respite per year and much more, if you become a foster carer with us.

We work with the local authorities to provide loving, secure homes to the local children in need. Every young person that we are asked to find a home for has different requirements, and we try to place them with the right foster carers dependent on these needs.

We want people from all different backgrounds, from all religions (even a Jedi – apparently nearly 1% of the UK population are according to the 2001 census!), from all different social circumstances. You can be single, married, gay or straight. If you’re interested in fostering, then we want to talk to you!

Go on, make that one resolution you keep this year a good ‘un. Make this Fostering February the month you take that first step to becoming a foster carer! Click here to enquire, or give one of the team a call 0800 389 0143.

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