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Fostering a child with ADHD

19 October 2016

Photo of Aaron sat in front of a desktop pc “We’ve known Aaron for quite a while, so back in January this year, when he needed a new foster home, we were lucky enough to be chosen to care for him.”

Mornings can be challenging

“He’s a lovely boy, who has his own little routines but he certainly needs help and understanding. Mornings are challenging times as he can’t think clearly or organise himself finds instructions difficult to follow. His medication helps to calm him and he enjoys a big breakfast, a light lunch and a big evening meal with a piece of fruit before bed!”

123 magic

“Timing is everything and we need to make sure we complete his homework whilst his medication is effective, otherwise it’s very difficult for him to concentrate. We are very clear with him and stick to boundaries. There is no room for ‘maybe’s’.  We use ‘123 magic’ as a warning system , use time out and ALWAYS praise even the tiniest of acceptable behaviours. We remember to use only one voice as too many people giving instructions is confusing.  It’s important to remain calm and not to make promises we can’t keep; either about consequences or plans.”

At school

“At school, he is generally very well behaved so there are no agreed tactics for managing his behaviour. We communicate daily about any emotional needs he may have and he has some additional support in some educational areas. One of the main things that help him is giving him the opportunity to verbalise what is wrong; this may be an argument with a friend, recounting an incident or simply explaining what he is feeling. He benefits from being given time to think through things.”

Transforming’s children’s lives

“Caring for a young person with ADHD can be frustrating and it’s time consuming but it is also one of the most rewarding experiences when everybody gets it right and you see the lives of these children transform.” 

Join Heidi

If you would like to join Heidi and all the foster carers at Nexus Fostering making a real difference to young lives, please get in touch.




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