Fortnite review

12 July 2018

Fortnite is a very complex and competitive game. If you do get into the game, you should take breaks every hour as it is easy to get hooked. Many people have found success in playing this game for example, tsm myth, ninja, muselk, lachlen ect.

It is quite a violent game but with no gore or blood it makes it suitable for people over the age of 8 but the game is actually rated 12 there are a variety of weapon choices, pump shot gun, tactical shot gun, assault rifles etc.

It is a ‘last man standing’ game of 100 people; they are all real people that are playing against each other around the world, that’s why it’s a social game.

The game blew up mostly because of fact that it was free and because you can play with your friends you can also find online celebrities dotted around the epic games community such as drake, lil uzi vert and travis scott and the England football team.

If you win a banner comes up across the top of your screen, it feels so good to dance on your opponents. Within the game there are missions that you have to complete to earn xp or battle pass points. The battle pass points go to your tire the highest tire is 100 that’s when you unlock omega! The battle pass resets every 12 weeks.

The game is full of vibrant colours and crisp sharp sounds. The game also fits people with different needs like people that are colour blind in settings there is a feature that you can set to blind.

You can also set controls or change your controls to make you one step ahead and get the drop on other. 

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