Children on mount snowdon

Five Conquer Snowdon

5 September 2016


Single dad and Nexus foster carer, Gaz, isn’t afraid of a challenge or two. In fact, he actively embraces them, along with his foster child, nine year old Kyla and his own two children, Hayden aged eight and Maya who’s five.

The great outdoors

“We’re quite an outdoorsy family” he explains. “We do a lot of walking as a family with our dogs, we walk to school, the children love riding their bikes, they do kayaking, camping and geocaching and running. We started running at our local track, just doing a few laps of the 800 metre track, but we’ve built up to doing 5k, now!”

Training and determination

“A few years ago, we climbed to the half way point of Snowdon. The children were much younger then and that was their limit, but this year, we booked a holiday in North Wales, took our motorhome and decided to try again. I was unsure whether Maya would be able to manage it being so small but she’s a determined little thing!”

Coco makes five

“We’ve been training for this since January, so alongside our usual activities, we’ve been walking in the Malvern Hills, together with one of our dogs, Coco, who’s an eight year old Labrador-collie cross. Our older dog is seventeen so she stayed home and enjoyed a quiet day.”

Powered by Slush Puppies

 “The thing that most impressed me about the children was their excitement prior to the climb. Even though we began the walk at seven a.m. and it was already quite warm, there were no complaints or moans they just got on and did it. We took plenty of water and snacks and with a few stops to eat they were fine, thankfully it got cooler the closer we got to the top. There were people up there moaning, struggling to carry on and some teenagers in a group who kept stopping and moaning at their organiser my lot just kept going, the older two even were running when they could see the summit (powered by Slush Puppy drinks at the Halfway Café on the way up!).”

Toy cars and the steam train

“Seven hours after we began we were rewarded by amazing views from the summit of Snowdon. We were so high up, from parts of the mountain you could see the road and the cars just looked like tiny toy cars driving along. The children also liked seeing the little steam train going up and down the mountain as we walked”.

Ice cream and a dip in the river

“Surprisingly, there were no blisters on feet, just very dusty walking boots! When we got back to the campsite, we were pleased to cool off by playing in the river and tucking into ice-creams, which we all enjoyed, very much”.

What’s next?

“Next we plan to tackle Scotland’s Ben Nevis and maybe Scarfell Pike in the Lake District, so we can all say we’ve climbed the ‘three peaks”!


There are thousands of children and young people in need of a foster home. Just like Gaz, you could be the person who makes their lives complete. Single, married, co-habiting, everyone is welcome. 

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