“Everyone was amazing” – LILAC Assessor

10 May 2016

“We were impressed with the view we heard from staff, young people and foster carers that Nexus genuinely seeks to listen to and involve young people both in the development of services and individual care planning and review.”  ~LILAC Assessors~

The only reason foster care providers exist, is to look after children and young people at their most vulnerable, so it’s vitally important to all those providers to ensure they are offering the most appropriate service for their foster children.

LILAC is the organisation that helps foster care providers to shape their service. 

Run by ‘A National Voice’, the LILAC assessors are young people who’ve experienced being in care, who use their experience and expertise to help foster care providers to involve and consult with children in care and care leavers.  They measure each service against the ‘7 LILAC Standards’.

What are the ‘7 LILAC Standards’?

  1. Shared Values
  2. Style Of Leadership
  3. Structures
  4. Staff
  5. Recruitment and Selection
  6. Care Planning and Review
  7. Complaints and Advocacy

Here at Nexus, we are delighted to tell you, that following a recent LILAC Assessment, we have achieved 6 of the 7 standards, with low staff turnover and the need to involve more young people in the preparation of all managers and social worker’s job descriptions, preventing us achieving the Recruitment and Selection Standard to achieve the full 7 out of 7!

In a personal message from our LILAC Assessor, we were delighted to read:

Since the assessment we carried out in 2011 Nexus have come a long way in making changes to get young people involved in the service they provide. From the senior management to front line workers everyone is has the understanding of participation importance is impressive. The changes that has taken place within Nexus are really good to see as a care leaver.

As a small agency it’s not easy to get young people involved and the big geographical area that is covered it doesn’t make it easy, but the commitment mentioned that has been shown to make it work is great. The participation champions in different area making a huge difference. The area participation champions are doing a good job bringing everyone together and following up with feedback to young people. As all area has participation leader they also share information with their colleagues.

Everyone mentioned Paul as the driving force and making sure each area focuses on participation. The young people feel everything is starting to involve them. The Youth Council is a great idea to bring young people from different area together to discuss any issues or exchange ideas which they can take back to their local participation group. Everything seems to be going on the right direction.

There are few areas that still needs some improvements such as recruitment and skill to foster training but that is something in progress. Other methods of consultation such as telephone survey would be a great way to get views of young people who do not come to the participation group. Overall Nexus is doing well and I had such a good time. Everyone was amazing and thank you.”

Final Quote from a Nexus young person: “ I’m really happy now it’s the best place I’ve ever lived”

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