Boy with christmas lights

Christmas and care – part 1

21 November 2017

You have to be sensitive at Christmas. If they (the Young Person) have contact, you have to embrace it. Talk to the professionals involved, so you know what to talk to the children about.

Make it positive and the best you can manage for them and the family members they are going to meet with.

If the child gets upset or annoyed, you have to deal with it as and when. Christmas day can be stressful for a child, so you have to take that on board and do what you can do calm them down. For my placement, she has only started seeing her family recently, so we’ve had no issues around contact and emotions.

Our Christmases are quite small, so we don’t have many issues. We visit people, but we keep visits short and manageable. If we did have any issues, you have to deal with any emotion that comes up, but if it’s too much for the child you have to be mindful of that.

It depends on their age, too. If the child is older they can manage themselves and they might go to their room, but a younger child might not be able to regulate their time and emotions in that way yet.

The child has to deal with the foster family, the family they have been removed from, and the pressure for the season that we all deal with.

They mood they present may not be what you expect at Christmas, and may not even be directed at you, it all depends on their experience. 

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