Carer and child


“a feeling that cannot be compared to”

18 January 2019

As a foster parent the biggest benefit and reward I have ever gained is in the positive difference I can and have made to the life of the child or young person.

There is no way I can change their past, or make them forget, but what I can and always aim to do is help them gain special memories and lessons that they can take forward in their lives and to help carve out the person they will grow into and become in the future.

Offering a stable and secure environment to a child or young person may be all it takes for them to find the level of self stability and safety that they need. Showing them how to be a part of your family and allowing them to access and accept academic resources can bring so many positive changes to a child’s life and help sculpt their future too.

While fostering may initially be one of the biggest leaps of faith you could ever possibly make in your life, you’ll soon realise how privileged you are to be in a position where you can make lasting bonds with foster children that not only improve their life, but better your life as well.

Seeing a once timid, shy and unconfident foster child begin to blossom into a positive, hopeful, and self-assured young person gives you a feeling that cannot be compared to.

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