My life story – part 1

2 October 2017

My life story – part 1

On Monday 23rd March 2015 I went to a foster placement.

I didn’t know what was happening and I was scared. I got picked up at school by a lady called Michelle, a support worker, who also picked up my brother so she could take us to my new foster carers house.

Their names were Isama and David. They were really caring people. Isama took me around the house and garden, it was very big. We fitted in quite well.

Then a month later David and Isama set a birthday party for me as I was turning eight.

I saw my mum every week. Night was my problem, I used to cry for my mum. But it all changed. I grew stronger as I trusted where I was. My brother and I were very happy.

A few months later we went with the whole foster family to stay in a caravan for a week. It was fun. I went for swimming lessons and now I can swim.

Then, at Christmas, we decorated the tree as a family.

We still went to our old school, but we were going to move when my brother finished secondary school in two years time. It was an hours drive to my old school.

I have now left my old school and seen my new one and I love it. It’s big and I’m a bit worried about making new friends because I worry that I might not fit. 

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