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donations needed for foster carer’s overseas charity work!

1 November 2019


Nexus Fostering carer, Catherine Slater-King is appealing for your help!

Catherine and her family take part in amazing charity work overseas but are in need of support with donations for the local children in parts of Cambodia.

In November this year, Catherine is off to the country to meet her daughter who is working in two schools; one in the capital city of Phnom Penh and the other in a remote village in Kratie Provence. Catherine and her daughter Toyah are wanting to help the children who have never had basic toys to learn and play with, Catherine says:


“This is a very poor part of Cambodia, we feel the children deserve an education and to be able to play.”


The family are also forming a local gathering place for the children to learn and play together. There has been a lovely playground built for the children and the old school has been repainted by volunteers and the children. Next to the small school, Toyah is working in the community hall that has been built by Catherine’s brother where they want the children to enjoy play and art.

The family are appealing for donations of Matchbox style cars, Barbie dolls, lego and small teddies — all the things we take for granted in this country.


If you can contribute, please go to your local office or hand it to your Supervising Social Worker before November 18th.



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