Team event

Agency day 2018

18 September 2018

Nexus Fostering recently held their annual agency day

It was attended by staff from all over the country and was held at Northampton’s Highgate House.

The day started with a bang… a power cut to be exact!

Once the teams had arrived and the teas and coffees had all been served, Grace got the day started by welcoming everyone to the day and reaffirming why Nexus is such a great agency.

“Everyone who is here is on the same page… I see kids year in year out who are growing, and developing thanks to your work alongside your foster carers, it’s fantastic!”

The focus of the day was for the staff and teams to get to know each other, but we were also able to hear from a fostering couple and two young men fostered by them.

Life as a fostering family

Pam and Chris joined the day to discuss their experience as foster carers. They have been fostering for many years and are originally from Norfolk. They now foster with our Central team.

They told everyone how their fostering journey started; after their children left home they met a foster carer and learned more from them and never looked back.

The couple have mainly fostered young people with learning difficulties and, whilst this has it’s challenges, the couple said of Nexus Fostering’s support “if we have any problems we phone [them] and they are there the next day. That’s exactly what we need!”

The couple were accompanied by Eddie and Brendon; two young men from a sibling group of 4 that the couple have cared for over the years.

All four siblings are on the autistic spectrum and spoke to the audience about what help they have needed, but mainly the positive effect Pam and Chris have had on their lives and their current levels independence; their jobs and independent living.

Speaking of why he came, Brendon said “I really came here today because it is an extra day with my family.”

After the group shared these experiences with us we moved on to team building games, all the teams mixed up so staff from around the country got to meet.


Our final activity was to raise money for Acorns Children’s Hospice, a charity close to director Grace’s heart. In fact, she will be walking the Great Wall of China to raise further funds later this year.

Members of senior management lined up and prepared themselves to be soaked. You will see from the pictures, some were targeted more than others!



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