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What is transitional foster care?

Transitional care is when a child or young person is ready to leave residential care, but has not had experience of living in a family environment. Foster placements like these are called transitional or 'step-down' placements.

Sometimes children and young people in social care will need the assistance of a residential home. This is a large home with lots of children and young people who are not currently in a care for a variety of reasons.

What does a transitional foster carer do?

Foster carers in a transitional placement will work with a young person, and professionals, to teach the young person the skills they need to transition from residential care to living outside of a controlled environment and become more independent.

Our Care+ and Nexus 360 placements might be appropriate for children and young people leaving residential care. 

If you think you could provide a stable and welcoming home to a young person, find your local Nexus Fostering office today.