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Fostering teenagers can be so rewarding and placements are needed for children and young people of all ages, especially teenagers.

Could you foster a teenager?

There is stereotypical image of what teenagers are like, but this is not true of all teenagers, including those in care.

Sometimes teenagers in foster care will behave as much younger, and sometimes they will engage in behaviour that can put them in danger.

What does fostering teenagers involve?

A foster carer’s job is to help these young people learn boundaries, life skills and to be the person they can rely on no matter what. This is often what has been missing from these young people’s lives.

For a young person who is no longer living with their birth family (for reasons out of their control) and who may have moved placements several times in their young life, a foster carer that can provide a stable home can be exactly what they need in order to excel and have a bright future.

The more foster carers we have, the more likely it is that we can find a safe, stable home for a teenager in their own area, close to their friends, school, and family.

“For a teenager, a good placement can teach them about independence, but also trusting an adult. Respecting adults and learning from them.

"In placement you can show them that they are grown-ups now, and if you have trust with them you can teach them about listening to criticism and taking in different information.

"In a household you can be more caring than you can be in a residential home. In that environment, they might seek advice from their peers rather than a trusted adult. I treat them like I treat my own daughter. I want to do everything for them to the best of my ability, and I want them to do the best of theirs.” Audrey has been with Nexus Fostering for 9 years.

If you would like to provide this opportunity to a teenager, contact Nexus Fostering today on 0800 389 0143.