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Going into foster care can be traumatic for a child and being separated from their siblings can make this worse.

That is why Nexus Fostering will always try to find foster homes for siblings where they can stay together as long as this is in each of their best interests.

How do I foster siblings?

To foster sibling groups, the main things you need are time and room in your home.

Caring for more than one child means you will be going to more appointments with professionals, school meetings, and they might be in different schools depending on their age.

You will have the support of your Nexus Fostering social worker, and your local office are on hand to offer any advice you might need.

What is it like to foster siblings?

The best people to describe fostering a sibling group are our own foster carers:

“As foster carers, with an existing placement of 9 years, we were approached to take on a sibling group of four in August 2016. The Local Authority wanted to keep the four children together whose ages ranged from 2 to 7.

By having the four children together it has enabled them to have a happy experience of ‘normal’ family life whilst, at the same time, enabling the Local Authority to assess them individually and as a group, therefore hopefully giving them the best outcome.” Ian and Nicola are foster carers in our Central office. 

If you have space in your home to offer safety and stability to a sibling group, get in touch today!