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The sooner a child experiences good parenting and a stable environment, the greater their potential.

This is why we offer Parent and Child (P&C) placements. The parents we work with in these types of placement may not been parented well themselves, and so don’t have experience to base their own parenting on.

These placements used to be referred to as Mother and Baby fostering placements andhappen when a concern has been identified by the Local Authority in relation to the parenting, or home environment the child is in.

The parent(s) then come to stay with our foster carers where the carers can observe, teach, and guide the parent. Foster carers provide their observations to social services to inform their decision-making process.

Our foster carers:

  • Observe - see what is happening and how the parent and child interact
  • Model - do the same task themselves for the parent(s) to watch and learn
  • Teach - take the parent through things they may not know step-by-step
  • Guide - remind, encourage, correct without being critical, and praise

It’s not about:

  • Taking over parental responsibilities
  • Pre-judging parents who might need some guidance
  • Getting evidence against the parent

These placements are as individual as the families that need them, which is one of the things our current carers say they enjoy!

It is all about helping to find out what is best for a family, so you could be helping a dad and baby, mum and older child, or even mum, dad and baby!

If you think you could offer a positive role model for parents who need some guidance, talk to us today!